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OROMIA TECH PLC values the personal information you provide to us. This Privacy Policy explains how we protect your privacy and how you can control the way we use your personal information.

Having read this privacy statement, should you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at the email:

General Statement

We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information that comes our way in connection with our apps which are provided through the Microsoft Apps Store and Google Play Apps Store. While the transactions are handled through the Apps Store, you may contact us for support by email, or via our online support such as web-form based messaging. The personal information that comes our way with support example just cited, or similar instances and different communication means (telephone, video, chat, etc), is for the intended purpose and nothing more. We use that information only to provide you with support requested. We will never sell, rent, or lease such information. We will never give your information to a third-party unless, in exceptional circumstance, we are required to do so by law and court order. We value your trust and we promise to fully protect your private information.

Some of the privacy items indicated below may not apply to your app but we included all the items here for completeness. For instance, not all of our apps incorporate Location utility or OneDrive backup. On the other hand, Error Reporting shown at the end applies to most of our apps.

How We Collect Personal Data

In most cases, as listed below, we do not actively collect personal data, rather contact with personal data is unavoidable to if the apps we build have to be useful to our customers with convenient features. For instance, having a backup is a good feature, but this raises the need to use a user account (and of course under full control of the user). While we do not collect and use such information directly, we feel we have to tell our customers how personal information can come our way as part of operational requirements by our apps and optional app features.

Google Drive and OneDrive Sign-in

Almost all our apps support data backup and restore based on the Google Drive Cloud (for Android apps) and OneDrive Cloud (for Microsoft apps). The Cloud Storage of around 10 to 15 GB is usually a free service from Google (with Android mobile phones) and Microsoft (for various Windows platform devices). If you want to use the backup and restore facility for your app data, you need to sign in for the backup or restore tasks to be carried out. Our app doesn’t access any of your personal information other than a unique internal ID which is used to identify the backup file and stored in your app’s settings to recall the backup. Note that the permission to sign into Google Drive or OneDrive is under your control. Our apps also allow their data to be backed up together with other data as part of Operating System backup under your control.

Google Gmail Sign-in

Our Oromo Lexicon App facilitates a collaborative community project in the standardization of the Qubee language. Such community projects call for cloud based repositories and a Google Gmail sign in used for authentication and the address is used as a unique identification in databases. This of course is under the consent of the user, and as important, for not creating yet another user account. The email is used for managing the repository and in some cases to contact you directly if the need arises for such a contact in the management of the community project. The email will not be used for any other purpose and not will be revealed to any other third party entities.

Location Data

Some of our Microsoft apps (dataWallet, dataWallet Pro, Shopping List Deluxe, Shopping Notepad) use Location-based utility for your convenience. Location data is another sensitive info that requires your permission. Location data you acquire with My Location command is stored for your retrieval and viewing on map, noting that you can delete stored items partly or all of them at any time. Be mindful that live capture of location data is an indicator of place and time for the recorded location and therefore personal information. We do not use location data in any way, other than providing it as utility for your own convenience.

Error Reporting

Although we take every care to avoid program crashes with intensive testing before release and updates, with the diverse usage scenarios there is no solid guarantee for an app to be free of unexpected errors. On very rare occasions, it is possible for an app to close unexpectedly, a well-established fact in the software industry. If such mishaps occur with our apps, we want to learn from those unforeseen incidents and fix the problem with immediate updates. Depending on the severity of the error, sometimes we may ask for your permission to send a report about that error. A dialog form will be presented to you with three options: (1) OK to send this error report; (2) OK to send error report anytime without asking; and (3) Never send error reports, and don’t ask me again. Whatever choice you make, we will respect that. An important point to emphasize is that an error report is all about the error to help us pinpoint failure points (or bugs) in our program. Needless to say, no personally identifiable data will be collected (nor is an app capable of accessing your personal information without your consent anyway).

Access Log Information

It is a well-established fact that web servers collect and log access and usage data comprising of browser details (type, version, cookie info, language, time-zone, plugins, etc) and IP addresses. Based on the browser information, such gathering of information can also make it possible for a previously visited website to be known to a current website. We are stating this here, so you know your IP addresses are automatically logged by our webservers.

Cookie Information

 We use cookies to provide our web visitors with the best possible online experience, such as providing more relevant content based on previous visits. We notify visitors with our use of cookies and a link to this Policy and if they consented to the use, we disable cookie notification for a 60-day period so long as our cookie is forwarded by the client browser during its life time. We also use analytic cookies with various pages to work out the stat of website page visits. You can read more on cookies at the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Tracking Information

We use third-party website visitors’ statistical tools such as Google Analytics for the purpose of understanding the distribution of our potential customers by region, personal profile, etc., as provided by third-party service providers.

Automatically Generated Information

In some instances, information associated with an IP address are automatically generated following purchase transactions and logging such information with an IP address becomes essential. App purchase and download and subsequent updates keep logs of IP addresses by checking for validity of software licenses based on real-time querying of Microsoft App Store license server. While this is mainly controlled by Microsoft, we also keep log of IP addresses when additional app data (such as templates, icon images, courseware materials, etc) are downloaded from our website on initial app purchase as well as during updates.

How We Share and Disclose Personal Information

OROMIA TECH PLC has no control over how personal data is shared or disclosed. We do not sell your personal information. We do not pass on your information to other businesses or entities without your prior permission. One overriding exception to this is if we are required by law enforcement authorities or court order to access your information.

The following summarises the conditions under which personal data sharing or disclosure can occur:

  • With consent: OROMIA TECH PLC may share your personal information with third parties only when we have your consent to do so.
  • To comply with the law: if we receive a request for information (such as court order), we may disclose information we have on you (such as IP address) if we reasonably believe disclosure is in accordance with, or required by any applicable law, regulation or legal process.
  • To prevent fraud, defend ours and others’ rights and safety: Information may be disclosed in the interest of protecting and defending individuals and properties, including enforcing service contracts or policies, in connection with investigating security issues and preventing fraud.

How We Secure Personal Information

We take security of personal data very seriously. We use all appropriate technologies and processes to protect personal information we hold from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure.

Your Rights About Information We Hold

Individuals in EU and other countries have certain statutory rights in relation to their personal data arising from the GDPR law. Subject to any exemptions provided by law, you may have the right to request access to your personal data, as well as to seek to update, correct or delete this personal data. If this applies to you, please contact us at email: by clearly stating your request.

Contacting Supervisory Authority

Should you wish to discuss a complaint, in the first instance, please feel free to contact us using the contact detail provided at the beginning of this document. All complaints will be treated in a confidential manner.

If you are not satisfied with our complaint handling, under the GDPR law, you also have the right to escalate the matter as a complaint or otherwise, to a data protection authority that acts as a Lead Supervisory Authority for the country we operate in. The Lead Supervisory Authority with regard to personal data protection in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO. You will find all the contact details at the ICO website.