Last Minute Deals® Info


Last Minute Deals® is a digital platform for advertising discounted offers and deals of various services, as well as various retail items. The digital platform is facilitated by infoWallet App built upon Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) digital infrastructure.

By becoming a member of Last Minute Deals®,  individuals can make significant savings by reserving offers of interest from their smartphone before purchasing them. The available offers comprise a wide range, from entertainment industry services such as discounted hotel rooms and restaurants, to consumer items such as electronic/electrical equipments.

To explore more about Last Minute Deals® get hold of infoWallet App which is free for Ethiopia. To install the App, go to Google Play App Store by clicking here, where you’ll also find detailed info about infoWallet App.

We will soon update this page with details on how to register for Last Minute Deals® but also check out the same with infoWallet App.

How to Become a Member

You must be a member to use Last Minute Deals® because, in the first instance, you need to reserve any advertised Offer and then proceed to paying it at a dealer premises. For instance, if you reserve a discounted hotel room, you first reserve that offer and complete the purchase at the hotel that advertised the offer. The same is true for retails goods, which means the purchase of the offered item will be completed at a shop that advertised it. Furthermore, you should have membership with good standing to take advantages of what the Last Minute Deals® platform can offer.

Use of infoWallet App is a prerequisite to Last Minute Deals® membership. Check out this page for the Terms & Conditions of membership as well as  the steps you need to take after installing the infoWallet App.