Excited about .NET 5? (and soon .NET 6?)

.NET 5 (dot net 5) is the current generation of Microsoft .NET technology—the outgrowth of the Microsoft .NET Framework ( began as proprietary) that evolved into the .NET Core open-source implementation.

Using Microsoft’s own description:

.NET 5 is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source implementation of .NET used with multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build apps for web, mobile, desktop, games, and more.

Our technology solutions here at OROMIA TECH PLC in the main are geared toward the .NET 5 (and soon .NET 6) technologies.

Why? Because we believe the future of software development depends very much on cross-platform and .NET  offers that very solution.

If you plan your programming career with .NET  (we encourage you to do this!), then you cannot escape the skills requirements in the C# (see-sharp) programming language. C# is the preferred language and it’s just beautiful.

Our articles themed under .NET 5/6 or .NET Core programming and related topics including opinions will be listed on this page, so check out here from time to time.

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