Terms of Service for Accessing Your Cloud Storage for Backup and Restore

Most apps authored by OROMIA TECH PLC  provide you with the convenience of backing up data created by your App. It is not a must to use this feature, but we believe you may like this feature because your data is important to you.

Imagine if you your device, on which your app is installed, is damaged or lost.  Even short of this unfortunate situation, imagine if you just want to re-install your app. In both cases, backup data is a life-saver, so to speak.

To access your cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud) our app need to sign in to the cloud storage under your control. The permission required is simply for accessing files for the purpose of backing up and restoring your data. The necessary permission can only be granted by you after the Consent Screen is presented to you.

In addition to writing and reading data files to your cloud storage, the App may also delete stale backup files that it has previously created. The app cannot read or delete other files that it has not created. In short, access to files are only limited to the app data and no more.

You can revoke the permission granted to the app at any time by going into the settings of your cloud storage.