infoWallet App

Note:  infoWallet Pro is a paid-for version of infoWallet with more enhanced features as described on this page.

infoWallet is a smart app with a difference that allows you to easily capture and manage business and personal information. It uses the power of info classification such as to-do list, anniversaries, internet info types, geolocation, license/product keys and various custom lists for implementing info-type based actions upon retrieving stored items.

While some actions are readily integrated into smartphones (such as actions with telephone number, email, or web address) there are numerous missing suggested actions. infoWallet makes your smartphone a better assistant by implementing many of the missing actions.

Organizing info type with infoWallet goes a long way, for example:

■ to automatically remind you of upcoming anniversaries such as birthday and wedding anniversaries, insurance and subscription renewals, or whatever you tag as an anniversary;

■ to invoke a mapping App for a geolocation of interest (like places you’ve saved to remember);

■ to create to-do list with an option of due-date for enabling reminders;

■ to Copy & Paste, Share, or Message (e.g., SMS) an Info Item, all under your control—a feature you’d find handy in tasks like Mobile Banking where you may need to copy an account number and paste into a banking app;

■ and many more!

infoWallet, in fact, is many-apps-in-one. Just to mention some of these:

✔ It has a built-in Notepad jotter with dynamic setting of font sizes and light and lighter shades of background colors (10 in total) to aid easy info organization;

✔ To-Do List is just one of the many Info Folders you can create with an option of ‘due-date reminder’ and ‘task done’ tagging;

✔ Expenses List is a handy tool that business travelers love in order to record those expenses while attending a business conference or something similar. Just create an Expenses List and infoWallet will show you a running Total at the bottom of the page. That’s not all—by selecting and deselecting Expenses List items, you can exclude or include items for calculation. That way, you have instant conditional sub-totals, say, to work out the sub-total if some list items are excluded.

✔ Shopping List, much like the To-do List, can be created for that shopping chore; and once shopping items are created, they’re retained (until deleted) for easy recall into your next shopping list;

✔ All date-tagged items can be made to set reminders, in which case infoWallet may be regarded as a powerful reminder tool.

infoWallet is very versatile because the way info containers, known as Info Folders, are created is very generic and customizable. Therefore, we believe that you may discover more creative ways of info management that meets your particular needs. Only imagination is the limit and infoWallet is at hand to help manage all sorts of info the way you want!

As a hint, you can use infoWallet for recording your travel expenses to budgeting ad-hoc expenditures (there’s Budgeting List too that you can create!). You can keep an inventory of personal valuables, or general home items; or you can even keep a record for each of your pets big and small.

Customizable color schemes are widely used to organize Info Folders so as to identify them at a glance. When used with purpose, colors bring clarity to info management, and even can tell a story the way you’d want it. Make info organization not only colorful—also make the colors purposeful in organizing your information.

infoWallet is a free version of infoWallet Pro limited to some countries. infoWallet is not only free, but also ad-free.

infoWallet Pro, as a paid-for app and available via Google Play Store worldwide, has various enhanced features. Some of these features include:

Google Drive backup and restore;

Printing of list items such as the Expenses List—scheduled for a next major version update;

Full encryption of user data—scheduled for next but one major version update.