Dirree Marketplace App

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Buy & Sell Digital Platform for farmers and more…

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Dirree Marketplace a ‘Buy & Sell’ platform to help farmers of Ethiopia to buy and sell their livestock and various other farm produces. The App attempts to mitigate the otherwise arduous journey and wasted time associated with accessing usually distant physical markets for livestock and farm produce. The app is inspired by the sheer marketing difficulties that farmers encounter as witnessed by the App author.

Many farmers use 21st century smartphones, yet they are still using centuries old traditional markets that provide no prior knowledge of what is in stock for buyers nor what is in demand for sellers. As a result, the traditional physical markets are opaque and inherently far from optimal for all concerned, with the producers of farm products at great disadvantage. It is often the case that farmers have no leverage to get good price for their produce as the overheads in time and effort are quite significant.

Dirree Marketplace attempts to facilitate that missing information system by creating a digital marketplace tailored to local requirements and as important by adapting to the various technical limitations encountered in developing countries. It is built around Azure—the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform.

Last updated: 2020-11-14