Fayyaa Ko


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Fayyaa Ko (My Health) is a user interface App intended for a wider application of TeleHealth Care (THC) system. It is built on the top of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) infrastructure.

In its current configuration, the App is used as a convenient tool for reporting COVID-19 symptoms and access automated help such as telephone triage or hospital admission following a remote assessment. That way, the need to visit health centres is avoided thereby  preventing the spread of the virus arising from otherwise necessary travel to health centres.

Fayyaa Ko is designed to allow multiple users with a view to alleviating the shortage of smartphones in developing countries. For instance, family members and friends can use a single smartphone, with their personal data isolated as data is stored and processed on a cloud server. At the device level, the App simply acts as a mobile display client for a TeleHealth cloud server based on unique registration IDs.

Faraa Ko is configured to work with COVID centres in Ethiopia. If you have the need to use this App elsewhere, contact the App Publisher.

Fayyaa Ko is open to adapt to any written language. The initial release will include Afan Oromo, Amharic and English. Sidama, Somali, Tigrinya and more are planned for inclusion. If you wish to act as a translator and speed up this process, contact the publisher to obtain the Language File for translation.