Clinicians Dashboard

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Clinicians Dashboard is a Windows-based App to complement the Fayyaa Ko App on release to the public. The Clinicians Dashboard is intended for use by healthcare professionals such as doctors in clinics and hospitals, and as such requires a licensing criteria for use.

To learn more about this App, you may like to read about the Fayyaa Ko App at the Google Play Apps Store website. There is also an FAQ page on OROMIA TECH website.

While you can download and install this App, a license is required to use it in full capability. You need to satisfy OROMIA TECH PLC with requirements to obtain a license. As basic criteria and in the first instance, only hospitals, clinics, health entities and teaching institutions would be considered for licensing.

Once installed from the OROMIA TECH PLC website, the App will update itself automatically as new versions are made available (just like Microsoft Apps do).


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